Centered Riding® Lessons

45 minute Session: €55


Centered Riding® lessons are private lessons (maximum of 2 riders).

Centered Riding®  was developed by Sally Swift. It is not a new way of riding but it offers you a new way of learning how to ride and how you experience your body on the horse. Centered Riding is based on the classical principles of riding. Mental images, groundwork exercises and bodywork will offer you new ways of learning.

We aim to develop your body awareness and feel for the horse. By learning how to use your centre effectively for riding, you will ride with more subtle aids, better balance and discover more refined ways of communicating with the horse. You will learn to “Listen and Talk” to your horse.

If you have an interest in Yoga, Pilates or Tai chi – then Centered Riding will work for you.

Centered Riding will also help a nervous or over-anxious rider to relax and get confident.

Fundamentals of Centered Riding:

  • soft eyes encourage visual and physical awareness, better peripheral vision, and improved “feel”;
  • breathing using the diaphragm and breathing correctly for better posture, relaxation, and energy;
  • balance or building blocks – align the rider’s body for improved balance, straightness, and ease of movement;
  • centering using the centre of balance, movement and control, located deep in the body, gives, quiet strength, harmony and power, as in the oriental martial arts;
  • grounding for stability and balance;
  • clear intent for clearer communication between horse and rider and good leadership that encourages the horse to trust the ride.

These fundamentals promote freedom of movement, confidence and harmony between horse and rider and helps solving problems.

Ursula is a Centered Riding Instructor Level II.

Visit Centered Riding® website for more information on Centered Riding.

We occasionally organize clinics with level 3 or 4 instructors or the “Anatomy in motion” display with Susan E. Harris (USA). For more information on Susan Harris, see 

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